Massages in Phnom Penh

I want a Massage!!!

Skin to skin touch…
The force…
The relief….

I love massages especially nowadays that’s too much stress at work!

Moreover, I have some list of must-try massages centre here in Phnom Penh – Gay or straight – depends on my mood if I just want to have plain massage, with some naughty stuff or just cruising with other people who’s having their massage also.

So I’m giving you my list of favorites and some I’ve heard that’s good in massage here in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

My personal favorite is Bliss at St. 240.. they’re really good in oil and aroma massages – it’s not a gay massage centre – they only have 1 guy masseur – I’m promoting Bliss if you’re really want a stress relief massage. The price for an 1 hour starts at 22 dollars.

For gay massage here in Phnom Penh, Cambodia – well it’s not really gay, but mostly gays go there because all of their masseurs are men – OM Massage at St. 278. But I must say the cute boys plus the massage plus 16 dollars (1 hour) = Perfect!!!

I really prefer OM Massage for my gay folks out there especially if you want a stress relief after touring around, rather than (now closed) Khmer Town where the boys just teasing (making you horny) you.

I’ve also heard about the massages with slight cruising scene in Hatha Khmer at St.94 and Romantic Spa at St.350 (that will be having its branch at Siem Reap, Cambodia) but I haven’t tried it yet. I also heard Red Spa (I don’t know the address)

For a professional massage (not gay) I’ve heard Amara Spa at Riverside (infront of the Riverhouse Lounge) is also nice…

So that’s it my friends!!!
Gosh! The week had past is so much stressful!!

I want a massage!!! and great sex afterwards…lol

Who can give me one???


Anonymous said...

I am not gay, but sometimes like to have a man massage me. Earlier this month, I visited 3 establishments, which had been recommended on another site. I just asked for a 2 hour oil massage, and did not ask for anything else and waited to see what developed.

1. Hout Macau Barber shop on Monivong, near road 310.

Masseur Ravi had been recommended. He is a fairly tall muscular man, probably in late-20s. He was a very good masseur, and unusually, he massaged both legs simultaneously. The massage was strong, but not painful. Massage of the bum was short, before a very thorough back and shoulder massage. After turning over, Ravi again massaged both legs simultaneously, and was soon at the groin area. He oiled my balls and spent some considerable time, massaging the tops of my legs and groin area, but not in a sexual way. He then asked permission to massage my chest, before asking if I wanted a handjob, which I declined. Well worth a visit and costs around $20 for 2 hours.

Hatha Khmer

Some of the masseurs looked very young. I chose one in his early 20s. His massage technique was OK. Pressure around groin area but nothing else. He miscalculated the time and finished 30 minutes early. He repeated some areas and then suggested I relaxed. He also laid down and went to sleep, only waking up when I sat up! His hygiene was not brilliant, sneezing several times without covering his face and going for a pee and resuming the massage without first washing his hands. I mentioned this to the receptionist, who told me he had only worked there for 2 weeks. He goes under the name of Mr.Y, if you want to avoid him.

Blue 7

This has both male and female masseurs. I requested a man. My first impressions was that he was gay, by his dress and hair, but on reflection, I think not. He gave me a very thorough professional massage, with a towel across my middle when facing both ways. He had great strength in his fingers and caused a lot of pain in my feet. Recommended, but I did not get his name. Just ask for strong fingers. The lady receptionist will know who you mean.

I trust that this may be of some use.

Seila said...

I am interested to visit Hout Macau. Do you think it is still open now? Do you the masseur you recommended is still working there?


Bjoern said...

Do not go to Hatha Khmer in Phnom Penh
this was the worst experience i have ever had.
Instead of 2 hours, I had 40 minutes.

I did not have a 4 hour hand massage, either. Because one of the 2 masseurs was at the toilet. First one of them, then the other one. And they were shitting -- it stank horribly.

And worst of all, they wanted each (!) 20 USD extra as tipp.
And you wanted to charge me for 2 full hours...

Cambodia Survivor said...

Not easy to survive in Cambodia!

Anonymous said...

What is recommended tip for masseur?

Anonymous said...

I am interested to visit Hout Macau. Do you think it is still open ?

Anonymous said...

I stay at Indochine 2 Hotel, where most gay massage center nearby and what the price sequence.

Rith Cambodia said...

I offer gay massage outcall if you are visiting Siem Reap,Cambodia.
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Sonja McDonell said...

Hi girls,
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