Gay Sauna and Spa of Phnom Penh

Another so-called Gay Spa and Sauna I’ve just found.
I just saw it in an advertisement in a magazine.

But this one is claiming the biggest Gay Sauna in Phnom Penh.
Actually they’re saying it as the “”biggest sex den” of Phnom Penh, lol
Whoa! A must-see and must-try for sure.

The Romantic Sauna, Spa and Fitness.

If you’re going to ask me about it, I’m haven’t tried it yet, but for sure one of these days.
Try and it and tell me your experience. Send me at

or if you want me to go with you, its also a plus. lol

Romantic Sauna, Spa and Fitness

Telephone: (855) 11 377 666, (855) 16 215 215
Address: No. 59, Street 350, Sang Kat Boeung Keng Kang 3, Kan Chamkar Morn,
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Price Range (from the site)

Sauna = 4 USD
Spa = 4 USD
Fitness = 4 USD
Massage = 7 USD

And they have a note that says:
- Charge only USD 3 for adult (under 20 years old), and over 20 years old follow by standard rate for Spa, Suana, Fitness. - A person we are charge USD 7 for an hour for Massage service and USD 13 for two hours.

You can also check their website:

(I’m trying to log it in my computer, but the website is so terrible, maybe it’s too hot for my PC, lol)


Anonymous said...

Be warned about Romantic.
While you are in the sauna, "staff' visits your locker. My wallet had disappeared during my visit and the locker had been opened with a copy of the key!!

Anonymous said...

I went the other night and it was great! Met a really cute boy who likes Westerners and had a lot of fun! So weird that it is practically next door to Tuol Sleng though...

Will go again tonight after work!

Kevin said...

Thoroughly enjoyed my oil massage, was wild, it was during a thunderstorm and it was a great background to the hot hands that worked my body. Cute hot guys, nice place.

Anonymous said...

hi... this blog is really interesting, and I love it. By the way, could anyone tell me if customers can do something... with a massager at Romanticcambodia? I mean SEX...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi....this blog is really interesting, and I love it. By the way, I really enjoyed my oil body massage at Romantic. I went there 2 times and it was great! Met a really cute boy with the hot hands work on my body.

Will go again on coming Saturday

Brian said...


in Siem Reap, have you try oil massage at MEN's ?

the masseurs are great too !

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